Consider me your Apple Store Genius Bar in Evergreen, Colorado.

Hi, my name is Ron Holm. I'm the founder of MacWiz. As the name implies, I am a 100% Apple®-only consulting and service operation.

I decided to start the company to fill a void in the mountain communities of Denver's front range foothills. While there are several firms specializing in PC's, there was no one servicing the growing community of Apple® enthusiasts in the foothills area.

Based in Evergreen, I call on clients in Evergreen, Genesee, Lookout Mountain, Golden, Indian Hills, Aspen Park, Conifer, Kittredge, Idledale, and Morrison.

"Yes I make house calls, but I don't do Windows."

Need Apple help now?

Here are some of the services I’ve been offering Apple users in the Front Range since 2006:

Apple Computers

  • Fixing Slowness & Crashes
  • Buying the Right Computer
  • Moving to a New Computer
  • Increasing Storage
  • General Training
  • Switching from Windows


  • New iDevice Setup
  • Switching from Android
  • Backing up Your Device
  • Syncing Calendars
  • Syncing Contacts
  • Syncing Email

Hardware and Setup

  • Replacing Broken Parts
  • Upgrading Your Computer
  • Setting up Airport Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Printing
  • Printer Setup
  • Setting up Apple TV


  • Internet Troubleshooting
  • Moving to a New Provider
  • Fast Mountain Internet
  • Increase Wi-Fi Area
  • Speed up Connection
  • iCloud Setup


  • Troubleshooting Email Issues
  • Syncing Mail Across Devices
  • Using a New Email Service
  • Using Attachments
  • Filtering Junk Mail
  • Managing Contacts


  • Music & Movie Streaming
  • Fixing Program Crashes
  • Setting up Microsoft Office
  • Backing up Files
  • iTunes Setup
  • Data Recovery

Let's Get Started!